Rockabilly Goats GruffThe Rockabilly Goats Gruff
By Jeff Crosby
Illustrated by Jeff Crosby
Publisher by Holiday House
ISBN-13: 9780823426669
Ages 3+

“From the first glimpse of the slicked-up
pompadours and hot rods… readers will
know that they are in for a good time…”
Kirkus Reviews

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What’s the Story, Daddy-O?
Three rockin’ billy goats turn a grumpy troll into the biggest rockabilly fan at the honky-tonk, putting a fun twist on the classic fairytale.

Through the hills and hollows, three Billy goats are rollin’ to a gig at Nanny Gruff’s Shimmy Shack, home of the best barbecue and boogie music around. But to get there, the billies have to cross a bridge . . . and deal with a mean old troll. As each billy zooms up, the troll threatens to smash his instrument to smithereens. But that old square gets a heaping surprise when the rockin’ billies take him to Nanny’s, where he tastes her famous barbecue and hears that rockabilly beat. Before long, the troll hits the dance floor to rock and roll at every Rockabilly gig from that night on!

What Are Folks Sayin’?
“From the first glimpse of the slicked-up pompadours and hot rods of the Rockabilly Goats, readers will know that they are in for a good time with this rock-‘n’-roll interpretation of a classic tale. The three goat rockers—Billy Lee, Billy Joe and Billy Bob—are all on their way to a gig at Nanny May’s Shimmy Shack when a grumpy old troll fishing for his dinner gets in their way. One at a time, the goats play their guitar, bass and drums, respectively, filling the pages with onomatopoeia (“DOONG, DOONGA, DOONG, DOWNG, DOWNG!”). To conquer the troll, they scoop him up into one of their trucks, take him to the Shimmy Shack, fill his hungry belly with barbecue and then win him over with their groovin’ tunes. This picture book lives up to the excellent wordplay in the title with a whimsical storyline that keeps a solid beat. The amusing and expressive language makes this book an excellent choice for reading aloud, and the bright colors, exaggerated expressions and spot-on fashion details in the illustrations perfectly complement the text. The energy of the book will appeal to a broad audience—especially to music lovers. A snazzy, music-themed twist on a classic story that both children and adults will enjoy.” —Kirkus Reviews

“Complete with pompadour hairstyles and black T-shirts, the title characters are not the billy goats of yesteryear. Billy Lee, Billy Joe, and Billy Bob are a hip crew of rockers headed to a gig when they are stopped by a very “square” troll fishing for his supper. “‘No go, billy boy. I’ll stomp yer geetar to smithereens!'” They each bust out their best riffs to convince the snaggletooth killjoy to let them pass, but end up having to toss him in the truck to get to Nanny May’s Shimmy Shack on time. After a heaping helping of “rib-stickin’ barbecue,” the troll changes his tune and has a thigh-slappin’ good time in spite of himself. Filled with rock ‘n’ roll lingo, comic-style sound effects like “ZANG!” and “RAP, TAP, BOOMITY,” and high-energy illustrations, this version of the classic tale will surely outshine some of the more straitlaced versions. Paired with some classic Elvis songs and maybe even some BBQ, Crosby’s offering will liven up any unit on fractured folktales.” —School Library Journal

“…Crosby coolly weaves together alliteration, consonance, rhyme, and a “heapin’ helping'” of lyrics and jams (displaying in large, colorful lettering) to highlight the story’s playfulness and the rockabilly beat.  This engaging read-aloud will encourage little ones to move their feet and sing along!” —Booklist

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